Quality Services For Multiple Industries

DSI currently offers the following functions for the Australian head office and other External Customers:

  • Administrative Support
  • 24/7 Call Centre
  • CAD Services
  • Plan/Drawing Take-offs
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Welding
  • Assembly Line
  • Joinery & Furniture Design
  • Furniture Manufacturing
  • Equipment Modification

Administrative Support

Accounts Services – Our Accounts team are degree qualified and adaptable to any software package requirements and currently offer services such as; Invoice entry, reporting and quoting

Virtual Assistants – Our team can handle all office tasks and responsibilities. They are highly experienced in all aspects of workplace administration, ensuring reliability and efficiency of service

24/7 Call Centre

We are always there for our clients. Operating 24 hours a Day, 7 Days a week, 365 Days of the year, our Call Centre team provides uninterrupted customer service

Our Call Centre staff are experienced in dealing with multinational customers having had extensive experience working in large-scale BPO companies in Metro Manila

Our sustainable Business Continuity Model ensures we can provide our services under different contingency scenarios and maintain minimal business disruption

CAD Services

We have a dedicated team of CAD professionals who provide excellent service to our various clientele

They are adaptable to any proposed system or program and are expertly trained on client specific software

We have experienced customer support managers to handle communications and client relationship

Our team has delivered over 180 projects for international clients with projects ranging from schools, dormitories, residential, office and commercial spaces

Plan/Drawing Take-offs

Major Australian clients retain our team for their plans and take off needs

Customers simply send our team a CAD drawing after which they come up with a Purchase Requisition for plan specified materials

Metal Fabrication, Welding and Assembly Line

We have a team of Fabricators with over 40 years of fabrication experience

Equipment Available:

  • Tube Bending Machines
  • Bi-Metal Bandsaw Machines
  • Hand Folding Presses
  • Pedestal Grinders

We have a team of specialist Stainless Steel welders, particularly for the food service industry

Although the team specialises in Stainless Steel they also have extensive experience in Aluminium and Mild Steel Welding

Equipment Available:

  • TIG Welding Machines
  • MIG Welding Machines
  • Stick Welding Machines
  • Plasma Cutter

Joinery & Furniture Design and Manufacture

We have a dedicated Joinery Assembly Bay where all processed materials from the machine shop go to for finishing and assembly where required

We have a team of dedicated, highly experienced assembly technicians, most with a carpentry background

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Equipment Modification

All containers that we import from our overseas suppliers need to come to a central location. Previously, this central location was our Melbourne warehousing facility in Australia. There, the team would destuff the containers then modify the equipment to the client’s specifications. The product would then be warehoused and then eventually road freighted to the customer.